Save Our Environment.

We contribute to the overall environmental and societal upliftment via environmental consultancy, webinars, articles, newsletters, digital magazines. 

A wide range of events and campaigns with a mission to contribute the best for the environment.

Environmental and Societal welfare has been the major theme of all our projects that we have launched at ERC Foundation.

Be the part of this noble cause. Donate for them whom you need and who need you!

Make a difference and receive a mention!


ERC Foundation, under ERC Group has been established in the year 2020 with a mission of creating a one-stop knowledge solution for topics like agriculture, climate change, mining, flora, fauna, environment issues and conservation, rural skill development and many others. Our services basically include high level and classy documents, presentations, webinars, excel sheets, research papers, manuals, trainings, certifications backed by knowledge from highly trusted sources. We serve customers from segments like Profit-making and non-profit organisations, Government and Knowledge-seekers.


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