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            -An initiative to promote women entrepreneurship

The role of women at the work place has undergone a dramatic change in the last 50 years, just as the view of entrepreneurship over the centuries. Just five decades ago, there were only a few women who owned and operated their own businesses. The Second World War brought many more women into the workforce, but such accepted social values as the male being the head of the house and women being dependent and staying indoors did not create an environment conducive for women to work unless there was a necessity.

Of late, women have tried to shed this traditional mold. Also, there have been significant social, political, and economic changes that have created opportunities for women as well as given them greater acceptance and recognition in the corporate world.

Slowly they are making their mark as business women and giving their male counterparts a run for their money. Women entrepreneurs have been on the Indian business scene for quite some time now and have achieved remarkable success. However, their number in relation to the overall number of small scale enterprises is still very small.

The situation is rather alarming in India. Statistics have revealed that almost all the non- working women (including the ones in the unorganized sector), who comprise the majority of womenfolk in the country, are in a state of complete dependence. With a view to improve the present situation,we take several initiatives to make women our nation economically independent.


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